Hornguide Cheek Liner

Hornguide Cheek Liner.jpg

Rostuf™ Style Hornguide Cheek Liners are available as a cost-effective saving Polymer Liner offering major overhaul savings and extended service life of each part. The Liners superior low wear properties make the Ross Hornguide Liner a necessity for all GE and EMD style locomotives. Non-standard Liners are available. 

Traction Motor Gear Case Seals

Traction Motor Seals.jpg

Ross Equipment Australia Industry Standard Traction Motor Gear Case seals are designed and manufactured for use on EMD and GE style locomotives.

The innovative manufacturing process of the seals enables a very efficient working life of each component.  Standard and non-standard seals available.  Gear Case Rings available on request.

Bolster Wear Plates

Bolster Wear Plate.jpg

Ross Equipment Australia Bolster Wear Plates manufactured from Rostuf ™ excellent wear quality polymer material, coupled with increased absorption in the bolster plate ribbed design effectively eliminating the wear normally found in the trucks mounting.

Rostuf ™ Bolster Wear Plates are designed and supplied to withstand extreme impact forces and heavy loadings without loosening in the mounting plate.

Pedestal Liners

pedestal liner a+b etched.jpg

Ross Equipment Australia Pedestal Liners manufactured from Rostuf ™ grade polymer offer very high impact strength and coupled with the extremely low wear of the material enable the liner to be an industry standardised component to railway operators worldwide.

Rostuf ™ Pedestal Liners are designed and manufactured for use on all EMD and GE style locomotives.

Rostuf ™ Pedestal Liners exhibit no cracking or stress failure due to heavy loading from locomotive hunting and breaking.

Centre Bowl Liners

Centre Bowl Liner.jpg

Rostuf ™ Centre Bowl Liners designed and engineered for use on all types of locomotives.

Ross Equipment Australia Centre Bowl Liners are manufactured from Rostuf ™ low wear, low friction material offering superior self lubricating properties for the centre casting.

Rostuf ™ Centre Bowl Liners do not extrude in the centre bowl, can withstand considerable forces associated with impact and do not fatigue under increased vibration movement.

Reverser Handles

Reverser Handle.jpg

Ross high performance grade polymer reverser handles were designed to solve a major industry problem.  A handle that would resist severe punishment caused by direct impact to the part and at the same time would be a gentle appendage to the control mechanism.

Ross polymer handles have proven there ability to out wear steel and brass control handles whilst offering major cost saving to the customer.